APCM - Annual Parochial Church Meeting

The APCM for 2019/20 which was postponed back in March will now be held on Sunday 25th October at 11:30am immediately after the main service. It will be a hybrid event, held in the church and on Zoom.

As required there will be two meetings. The first, sometimes known as the ‘Vestry Meeting’ will be for the election of our Church Wardens. We have two nominated candidates, Sally White and Tim FitzGeorge.

The second meeting follows immediately on from the first. This is the meeting where you get to vote on who you would like to represent you on the PCC and to ask questions and comment about the finances of the church or any other matter of concern to the parish.

If you are in one of the following groups of people please could you to book into the service on 25th October so that we can begin as soon as possible after the service.

  • serving and proposed members of the PCC
  • Serving and proposed wardens
  • New and previous book-keepers and Treasurers
  • Anyone who will not be able to access via Zoom


Everyone else should attend via Zoom. To access Zoom you will need to contact the vicar for the ZoomID 

Our Proposed PCC is:

  • Lesley Quinton
  • Jonathan Tweed
  • Peter Bowman
  • Mike Homer-Ward
  • Andrea Mercier
  • Julia Barton
  • Sara Lane
  • Robert Russell
  • Eileen Weaver
  • Aimee Murphy (Secretary)

Deanery Synod Candidates:

  • David Warren
  • Christine Pylee


  • Treasurer – Julia Barton
  • Book-keeper – Sally Walker

Post APCM Picnic

We may not be able to meet together physically in church but we can still do lunch together on Zoom. So why not join us for lunch straight after the APCM on 25th October using the same Zoom Code.