Church Life

At CoGS we are passionate about lots of things and especially our community so lots of things happen during the week at CoGS

Check out our regular services and some not so regular…

There’s lots going on. It’s all in the diary…


We’re passionate about children and youth too


We reach out to our community on Wednesday & Thursdays through our Bus Stop Cafe and our Bus Stop Break on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon

Prayer underpins everything we do at CoGS so you won;t be surprised to find lots of prayer activities


We believe in small group ministry. Small groups allow more intimate settings for sharing, prayer and exploring faith together


Do not be anxious about anything

Prayer ministry is available during all of our services. We love to be family together and pray for each other, as well as having a team of people who are trained to minister in this way.

Pastoral Prayer for physical and emotional healing is offered by our trained team of pastoral visitors.