CoGS Covenant

Lord, we promise that, empowered by your Holy Spirit…

we will rise up in Crookhorn.With courage and boldness we will help bring revival to this area.

We will preach your Good News and bind up the broken hearted; proclaim freedom to the captives and release people from darkness.

We will move out of our comfortable building and into our community.

We will work to rebuild this area on the foundation of love, grace, mercy and truth.

We will work to see Crookhorn healed and transformed and a beacon to the borough of Havant.

We, the people of the Church of the Good Shepherd, will come together in unity across the generations. And we will work to deal with enemy strongholds over your Church and over Crookhorn, by the power of the name of Jesus.

Lord, we will bless the people of Crookhorn.
And In your supernatural power we believe we will see healing, miracles and lives transformed.

Lord we are yours.
Use us.