Our Vision for Discipleship

To grow in love for God and neighbour and to make new disciples for Christ Growth in:

  • Depth: to grow in love for God
  • Impact: to grow in love for our neighbour
  • Number: to make new disciples of Christ


  • Up: Be with Jesus ·
  • In: Become like Jesus ·
  • Out: Do what Jesus did

Life in all its fullness (Jn 10:10) and rest for our souls (Mt 11:29)

At CoGS we believe that Discipleship is really important and we want to support the discipleship of all church members, encouraging each to take responsibility for their own growth. Sitting at the feet of Jesus is what helps us to grow to be more like him.

Please use some of the resources below to help you in your discipleship.

Spiritual Disciplines
Further Bible reading
Knowing more about God
Christian Community