We believe in the power of Prayer.

An essential part of church life is being in relationship with God and talking to him, hearing from him & offering him our dreams, struggles, joy and pain.

Blessing 24

Join us any time between 9am on 20th March and 9am on 21st March for as long or as short as you like.
We’re going to spend 24 hours blessing our community.
We’ll be meeting on the Zoom ID for prayer.
No need to book but if you book you should get a reminder.
Try for a week and see what happens.​

A booklet for those who don’t know where to start –

Use it and Lose it

In April we would like everyone to take a copy of the booklet, to use it for a week and the following week to lose it by giving it to a friend.

Prayer ministry is available during all of our services. We love to be family together and pray for each other, as well as having a team of people who are trained to minister in this way.

Pastoral Prayer for physical and emotional healing is offered by our trained team of pastoral visitors. 

A listening ear is  avalble on 07561 609938

Daily Prayer is currently held using Zoom from Monday to Friday at 9 am, 12 noon and 9 pm for 30 minutes: email Janette or the office to get the meeting codes

Sunday Prayer at 7pm on zoom

Prayer on Mondays on Zoom at 2pm to pray for our nation.

PPause for Prayer

In response to reaching the terrible milestone of 100,000 deaths from COVID-19, the Archbishops invite all to call on God in Prayer.

Join us daily at 6pm

Suspended due to lockdown

Prayer Walk meet at 8am in the carpark on Fridays to prayer-walk the streets of the parish for an hour in small groups of two or three.