We believe that God has commanded us to go and tell the Good News of Jesus Christ to all people. Therefore, we are an outward looking church, expressing Jesus in our local area, our country and the world.



We believe that we have received from God far more than we can ever give. Therefore, we will choose to sacrificially give our time and resources.


We believe that every believer has a significant role to play in God’s work. Therefore, we will aim to help everybody to discover and use the spiritual gifts and talents God has given them.


We believe that discipleship happens best in small groups. Therefore, we meet together to encounter God, support and care for one another and have fun together; encouraging and enabling each other to follow Christ and be transformed into His likeness.


We believe in a God who hears and answers prayer. We see prayer as the activity which undergirds and weaves its way through every aspect of life and faith.